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Social Security Strategies

determine an optimal filing strategy for you.

Why is Social Security important?

When and how you collect your Social Security benefits is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in retirement. There’s a good chance that what worked for your neighbor, probably isn’t the best solution for you.

The goal when analyzing different strategies is to provide you with the highest cumulative benefits over your lifetime.

We don’t know how long you will live but we can make assumptions regarding your life expectancy. After which, you’ll want to consider a few questions:

Can you afford to delay your benefits past your full retirement age?
If married, how might spousal benefit strategies affect your own election?
How will your election strategy affect your tax situation?
Will delaying benefits cause too much stress on your current income needs?

At Summit Financial Partners, we’ll ask questions the Social Security Administration can’t advise you on. After which, we will educate you on the different Social Security strategies that may suit your situation.

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