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About Ryan Skinner

President of Summit Financial Partners

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Ryan, SFP President

“My ultimate aim for every client relationship I have is to provide peace of mind, so they can sleep without any worry about having enough money to live on and enjoy their lives. My many years in the financial industry have taught me one essential truth: at the end of the day, all people want is someone who is honest and who genuinely cares.”

As president of Summit Financial Partners, Ryan has been blessed to have a career in helping others in the important areas of:

  • Preserving and protecting client assets to ensure financial independence.
  • Determining how to maximize Social Security and other retirement benefits to provide maximum retirement income.
  • Developing advantageous strategies for estate planning and asset distribution.

Since he began his career helping others develop strategies to address their financial concerns, he has understood that every person is unique. At SFP we do not use a cookie-cutter approach. We tell you the unvarnished truth, and the truth is that retirement planning plays a key role in the level of confidence you have in your financial strategy. Over the years, SFP has had great success and has expanded its office, services, and staff in order to provide clients with the most complete and trustworthy financial planning advice.

If you are looking for an experienced financial professional committed to helping you feel more confident in your future, we believe you should meet with Ryan. If you can imagine it, we can help you pursue it.

Ryan’s practice is grounded in his belief that today’s retirees, and those for whom retirement is imminent, need to protect some of their savings from potential losses due to financial and stock market downturns.

To achieve this protection, Ryan makes use of Fixed Indexed Annuity Solutions.* These financial tools provide protection against market loss and annual interest earnings based upon the annual increase in a stock market index (subject to a limit). Ryan also utilizes the lifetime guaranteed income benefits of annuities to provide reliable, predictable, and sustainable income no matter how long you live. There are many “models” of these tools available, and Ryan and his team know how to select the right one for your particular situation.

Ryan has been featured in the following media:

Taking Stock – An Amazon Best Seller

Taking Stock book cover

While most books about the financial industry and retirement planning stick to the brass tacks of explaining concepts and strategies, Ryan has taken a different approach in Taking Stock.

Instead of complex financial jargon that makes your head spin as you attempt to understand the requirements of a secure retirement, important concepts are paired alongside anecdotes from the lives of his clients, celebrities, and even his own life to help explain retirement planning in an enjoyable and informative way.

If you’re uncertain about retirement, Taking Stock is the book for you. Ryan explains how to analyze future financial needs, secure definite sources of income (annuities and maximizing Social Security and pensions), prepare for worst-case scenarios with disability and long-term care insurance, guarantee your legacy with estate planning and asset distribution, and so much more. Remember, hope is not a plan. The best way to acquire worry free financial independence is taking action, and opening the pages of Taking Stock should be your first step! 

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Success and excellence are not characteristics or traits; rather, they are a result of hard work, discipline and planning.


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